Let’s set sail on this “Feng Shui Expedition” observing Independence Palace, Turtle Lake, Vincom Center, and Bach Dang Wharf finding out how Feng Shui affects them.

Independence Palace

Our first stop is Independence Palace. Located on Le Duan Street, this place is the combination of modern and traditional architecture. As one of the most beautiful colonial buildings in Saigon, it is considered not only the symbol of Vietnam national independence but also a unique national relic for its architectural and historical values as it witnessed many historical moments in the history of Vietnam. Its architect, Ngô Viết Thụ, had strong beliefs in maintaining eastern symbolism and feng shui when designing the buildings and used it as guidance in every corner of every room. Independence Palace is one of the most talked about buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Turtle Lake

Our next destination is the Turtle Lake which attracts the tourists not only because of its location on the main street in the center of Saigon, but also its unique combination between Eastern and Western in architecture. There are many different mysterious stories about this place. Interestingly, all of them share some similar points about a dragon under the ground of Saigon. So, the sword is there to “handle” the said dragon making the true meaning behind this construction is to protect the land of Saigon.

Bach Dang Wharf

Leaving Turtle Lake for Bach Dang Wharf. Located near the Sai Gon River, Bach Dang Wharf that consists of a pier and a park has become an attracting destination of the locals and tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City. Bach Dang Wharf is also a green space of the city. It’s true that Feng Shui has a somewhat significant effect on this place. The unique thing about this place is that the river flows right in front of hotels and the skyscrapers wrap them up from behind, which provides them with a “golden” standard in Feng Shui. The said establishment is an excellent formation for business, which is why these hotels have stayed here and been prosperous for a long time. With a stunning view of the river overlooking District 2, Bach Dang Wharf is an ideal place for great photos, too.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

We will also have some time exploring Nguyen Hue Walking Street, the most famous street in the city. Nguyen Hue area is for those who want to enjoy the extraordinary food that Saigon can offer. You will also have a chance to observe Ho Chi Minh City Hall from a distance and visit some famous buildings like Saigon Garden, Zone 87.

Vincom Center

Finally, yet importantly, a few walks to our final destination is Vincom Center. Situated in the most sought-after site in Ho Chi Minh City, Vincom Center Dong Khoi is a complex comprising the Office component and Vincom Center Dong Khoi – Shopping Mall, featuring 250 luxury boutiques and stores, food and beverage outlets, café, and recreational area. The Feng Shui elements of this place are impressive indeed. If we observe Vincom center from the outside, we can assume that it is a mountain-like building. Moreover, Saigon River embraces this area, which gives it an excellent formation for business. Not only will we know about the Feng Shui of this place, but this is also your opportunity to look for clothes, food, and games in one of the most visited shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City.


Return to your hotel. End of the tour.