Master Chính Trung, whose real name is Nguyễn Kỳ Trung, used to be a teacher and now he is a Buddhism researcher focusing on Buddhism in Vietnam particularly its Zen School.

Chính Trung is his pseudonym widely used in his calligraphy works and book-writing. He founded his own calligraphy style named Spiritual Calligraphy and has been performing and teaching this art since 1999. He has also written 2 books about Spiritual Calligraphy hoping to spread his style and the school’s quintessence to the bigger audience and also to the Western world.  


Spiritual Calligraphy (Tâm Thư Pháp in Vietnamese) is Master Chính Trung’s lifetime passion. This school of calligraphy practice is necessarily to distinguish between other styles or cults that are widely practiced here in Vietnam. Those styles can be referred as “Beautiful Calligraphy” (Mỹ Thư Pháp in Vietnamese). Unlike the latter, Spiritual Calligraphy is to bring the calligrapher’s thoughts, soul and mind to the strokes, the words they write. And since the words are purposely shaped by the performer’s thoughts in accordance with his skillful techniques, they bear and carry a deeper meaning and much more sophisticated and refined than those written using raw techniques alone. 

Journey Beyond Asia is honored to introduce to you Master ChínhTrung’s Spiritual Calligraphy and his brilliant ideas, mindful works on your cultural expedition in Vietnam. 

Let’s go and enjoy learning!


Interpreter (English only), Brush, Paper, Ink, Ink-stone, Transfer, Vietnamese Tea, Candied Ginger/Coconut, Calligraphy Work as souvenir.